New Zealand

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There are currently no awards specifially for Christian books in NZ. The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards (which ended in 2020) were for books in the Mind Body Spirit genre, and included some Christian books, eg. the 2015 winner was Ron Hay:  Finding the Forgotten God - Credible Faith for a Secular Age.


Australian Christian Literature Society

  • Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards
  • Australian Christian Theological Writer’s Award (Aus writers published overseas)

Comment – awards for books written by Australians and published by an Australian publisher. Finalists – July. Winners – August.



The Word Guild Awards

Comment – awards for Canadians who write from a Christian worldview. Wide range of categories. Shortlist – May. Winners and Awards of Merit – June.


United Kingdom

UK Christian Book Awards

Comment – sponsored by Speaking Volumes which is a charity that promotes reading, through placing Christian books into libraries. The shortlist is based on suitability or likely popularity in a public library. Books must be attractive, readable and on a subject that will capture the interest of the wider public and encourage them to look further into the Christian faith. Seems to be UK titles only. Winner is chosen by online voting. Shortlist – January. Winner – May.

Christian Resources Awards – shortlist only, but you can search for the winners, eg.

Comment – awards for Christian resources (books, music, media) in a small number of categories. Judging criteria unknown; seems to be restricted to UK authors/titles. Shortlist – ? Winners – May.

Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing

Comment – triennial prize inaugurated by Archbishop of Canterbury, sponsored by the Lambeth Fund, and administered by SPCK, to celebrate the most promising contemporary theological writing from the global Church. Nominated by church leaders (UK or Anglican) and theological college principals. Judging panel includes theologians and church leaders. Shortlist – February  Winner – August.



Christianity Today Book Awards and search for awards

see also

Comment – good quality evangelical books in a wide range of categories; some are too academic but many are excellent choices for church libraries. Helpful comments from judges. Finalists also worth considering. Winners and Awards of Merit – January.

Evangelical Christian Publishers Association - ECPA Christian Book Awards (formerly "Gold Medallion")

see also

Comment – awards in six categories. Winners and finalists are selected by judging panels for quality and excellence, based on category-specific criteria such as content, literary quality, design and impact. More commercial than the Christianity Today awards. Finalists – March. Winners – May.

Christy Awards for Fiction

see also

Comment – awards for excellence in Christian fiction in several genre categories. Winners and finalists in each category are chosen against a ten-point criteria by a panel of qualified judges with no direct affiliation with a publishing company. Finalists – April. Winners – June/July.

Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction

Comment – reader's choice award for a science fiction or fantasy book, winner selected by online voting. Finalists – June. Winner – August.

American Christian Fiction Writers “Carol Awards” 

Comment – originally American Christian Romance Writers. Awards in over a dozen fiction genres, chosen by judges. Publisher must be on “recognized publisher list”. Finalists – July. Winners – September.

Hearts and Minds – try a site search for “awards”

Comment – informal, lighthearted awards, just the opinions of one bookstore owner, but he highlights and reviews some very interesting books for thinking Christians. His booknotes blog and reviews are worth a look too. Winners - January

Outreach Magazine Resources of the Year – try a site search for “resources of the year”

Comment – outreach-oriented resources in categories such as evangelism, church multiplication, apologetics, compassion, and cross-cultural ministry. Winners chosen by an expert in each category. Winners – March/April.

Christian Indie Awards - old site - new site

Comment – honours books produced by small publishers each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life. Winners decided by online voting in a range of categories. Nominees – February. Winners – April.

Retailers Choice Awards

Comment – ended 2017.

The Gospel Coalition Book Awards

Comment - awards from a Reformed perspective. Winners - December.

Theologos Awards

Comment – from Association of Theological Booksellers, judged by people who sell and recommend academic religious books. The academic category winner may be too academic for a church library, but there are also general interest and children’s categories. Includes liberal and Catholic titles. Website not updated since 2009.

Academy of Parish Clergy

Comment – Book of the Year and Top Ten Books of the Year for the best books relevant to the work of parish ministry. Interfaith (Christians and Jews) and interdenominational in membership, more liberal choices. Winners – May.

World Magazine – annual “books issue” in July and other links

Comment - Access generally restricted to subscribers but the link above shows the whole top 40 for 2006-2008.



Inspys: The Bloggers' Award for Excellence in Faith-Driven Literature

Comment – new award for fiction that respectfully grapples with some expression(s) of the Christian faith. Several genre categories. Nominated by the public online, judged by an international panel of bloggers in each category. Winners – December.

Festival de la bande dessinée chrétienne

Comment – French awards for Christian comics, including graphic novels. Winners – January.