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Title Author(s) Keywords Year printed category Medium
100 Years on Emerald Hill: A History of the Epsom Presbyterian Church Matthews, R A NZ Auckland War Change 2006 Church Book
Abusing Scripture: The Consequences of Misreading the Bible Brauch, Manfred T Hermeneutics Selectivity Balance Context NZ 2009 Bible Book
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam Sookhdeo, Patrick Muslims Quran NZ 2004 Mission Book
A Churchless Faith: Faith Journeys beyond Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches Jamieson, Alan Leaver sensitive Exit NZ Sociology 2001 Church Book
A Grip on Grief McInnes, Elsa Death NZ Loss Biography Feelings Emotions 2001 Youth Book
All the Basics of the Christian Faith: A Great Guide for New Christians Watson, Philip NZ 1998 Belief Book
All This and the Moon Erasmus, Bernadene Down syndrome Disability Handicapped Special education NZ Teaching 2003 Biography Book
Angels: Fact and Fantasy (Affirm Booklet No 12) Carrell, Peter NZ 1999 Belief Book
A Rising Tide: Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand 1930-65 Lange, Stuart M IVCF EU Anglicanism Presbyterianism NZ 2013 Church Book
A Seamless Web: Science and Faith Finlay, Graeme (ed) Creation/evolution NZ Reason Theology Environment Ecology Green Bioethics Psychology 2004 Belief Book
At Any Cost: The Story of Graham Roy Orpin Heimbach, Mertis B NZ Thailand 1964 Mission Book
Behind Closed Doors: A Startling Story of Exclusive Brethren Life Thomas, Ngaire Cults Sects NZ 2005 Biography Book
Beyond Death and Dishonour: One Japanese at War in New Zealand Shinya, Michiharu Prisoner of war Culture Conversion Testimony History NZ 2001 Biography Book
Beyond Renewal: The Kingdom of God Hathaway, Brian Experience Charismatic Brethren Materialism NZ Money Holy Spirit Gifts 1990 Church Book
Beyond Retribution: A New Testament Vision for Justice, Crime, and Punishment Marshall, Christopher D Restorative Capital Forgiveness NZ 2001 Issues Book
Broken Maori Luke Gospel Tarore Forgiveness Peace Gangs Violence NZ 2018 Fiction DVD
Cappuccino Moments for Mothers Grant, Mary Inspirational NZ 2001 Relationships Book
Celebrating Service: Loving and Serving Our Neighbour Sturt, John and Agnes Servanthood Love Compassion Mercy Spiritual gifts NZ 2000 Living Book
Christianity in Aotearoa: A History of Church and Society in New Zealand Davidson, Allan NZ Maori Denominations Pacific Islanders Missionaries Ecumenism 2004 Church Book
Christian Marriage (Affirm Booklet No 3) Foulkes, Francis and Marjorie Sexuality Submission NZ 1997 Relationships Book
Coping with Controversy: Helping Christians Handle Their Differences Jones, Gareth Disagreements Conflict Judgment Discernment Censorship Heresy Humility Dogmatism Dissent Unity NZ 1996 Church Book
Created for Intimacy: Discovering Intimacy with Yourself, Others and God Sturt, John and Agnes Friendship Self-awareness Spirituality Marriage Singleness Sexuality Loneliness NZ 1996 Relationships Book
Created for Love: Understanding and Building Self-Esteem Sturt, John and Agnes NZ 1994 Living Book
Created to be Whole: Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be Sturt, John and Agnes Stress Balance Wholeness Illness Maturity NZ 1998 Living Book
Designers of the Future: Who Should Make the Decisions? Jones, D Gareth Genetics Artificial Reproductive Technology Cloning Science NZ Stem cell research Embryos Neuroscience Cyborgs Medicine Infertility 2005 Issues Book
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